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Do all users visit your app or website for the same reason?


If you are a Product Manager at any organization, you’d surely know a lot about your users – their interests, preferred categories, what they buy,  when they buy, even what they are looking for. There’s a myriad of other product flows and habit loops that you want them to take – from onboarding, scrolling through products, checking out, or anything in between.

According to Alpha’s 2019 Product Management Insights Report survey, 82% of product managers reported conducting user interviews on at least a quarterly basis and 77% source users to generate feedback.

After conducting in-depth user interviews and surveys, most PM’s learn from first-hand knowledge that their users can vary drastically in their behavior, needs, wants and goals. For this very reason, user drop-offs at any of these points cannot be solved by a one-size-fits-all approach.

We all agree. Drop-offs suck.

And, by the time you are running behind engineers to tweak that new iteration or slogging with the design team to create mockups…you have lost your user!

For all the emotional and financial pain that drop-offs cause, product teams have no better choice but to go back to engineering or deploy some kind of superficial fix. Fixes that can go up to weeks, months or maybe more.

At Hansel, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of tool could help you build a product which scales – so that customer experience never dips in the first place. Today, we’re excited to announce our User Drop-Off Management Platform – A whole new visual way to create alternate user paths and product interactions that drive conversions.

Product Managers can map key product funnels and flows and build completely new product interactions, all in the same with a no-code interface. Addressing multiple areas of user drop-offs, whether on apps or websites, has never been easier.

Shifting the Product mindset

In today’s world, the vast majority of digital products are built in a static fashion. There’s typically only one path to the desired goal, like search → results → product view → conversion. Any deviation from the desired user behavior results in users falling off the path and by definition ends in churn or a non-conversion.

Most companies build products with this one defined path in mind and spend large amounts of financial and organizational resources to nudge and incentivize users back to this path.

The biggest challenge? Building multiple paths for different contexts  – to address user variability.

In order to solve this challenge, product teams have to make a stark choice: deliver low-code but superficial fixes, like in-product messaging or content, or hardcode new product interactions, draining engineering resources and time.

Hansel.io frees product teams from this dichotomy and gives product managers the ability to create completely new user flows, at scale.  It also simplifies the integration and deployment pipeline so that you can ship more, faster(that’s right, no more extra code or releases!).

We have been piloting the User Drop-Off Management Platform and have received positive feedback on how it is helping businesses to rapidly iterate and significantly increase the velocity of conversion. It’s time to reimagine how you build products.

Learn more about our User Drop-Off Management Platform or get in touch to request a demo.

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